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In March of 2014, husband and wife Ronnie Lucido and Lisa Nativo opened Liam's Lemonade & Concessions, inspired by their newborn son. Their goal was to bring a strong culinary & family friendly influence to concessions on the west coast. Liam's sources their corn almost exclusively from local farmers and and has built a menu outside the norm - with quality, made from scratch menu items, that will bring smiles to your guests. Their concessions line specializes in fresh squeezed lemonade & roasted corn, however the menu items are limitless and can be customized to meet the needs of their guests.

Lisa & Ronnie crashed into  each other, literally, between Los Angeles & Las Vegas when the brakes in Lisa's food truck failed. Lisa had just recently launched her truck after competing as "Nonna's Kitchenette" in The Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race" and Ronnie had been successfully running his truck
"Fist of Fusion /Formerly Truck Norris" in Los Angeles for 5 years. Although their truck menus differed, they shared a commitment for serving quality food and it wasn't long before they merged their ideas & lifestyles. Liam's Lemonade came to life after the birth of their son in March of 2014. The couple also own Fist of Fusion Island Grill, a hawaiian fast casual restaurant expansion of Ronnie's Food Truck.

Behind the scenes with Liam, the youngest CEO

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